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Custom Framing

Making your original artwork, print or fine art replica truly one of a kind, by immortalizing the piece in a custom frame designed to accentuate the essence of the piece or capture your unique style.

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Plate engraving to compliment your art or pictures, done on premises.

Canvas Stretching

The purpose of stretching a canvas is to preserve it and prepare it for framing. We do stretching of canvases for both painted and printed art works.


Large format printing

From home decor, to advertisement boards, to printing an enlarged family photo to display your favorite people in a larger than life depiction in your family room.


Shadow Boxes

Enclosed glass-front display cases containing a work of art or object. The depth effect created by the relative height from the backing creates a dramatic visual result. Allowing a visually intriguing take on the piece or theme displayed within the box.

Dry Mounting

Sometimes cracks and creases can be seen on your prints when they were stored over an extended period, dry mounting is the process of using a hot press to iron out creases.

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